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  1. Still free if you have Walgreens offering NAAT tests near you.
  2. Unfortunately no, not on Harmony. I spent an afternoon with my then 7-year-old niece on Oasis 5 years ago doing this. I'm such a good uncle.
  3. Google "Harmony of the Seas Scavenger Hunt." Not being a smart ass, I just did and I think you'll find some useful links. And some less useful like a slightly adult version. Unsurprisingly, others have done this before. I'd start with a list you find, pick and choose from it, then add suggestions you get here. GL!
  4. Agree with everything posted. I was trying to say what Matt did, he just explained it better. Of course you CAN and I'm glad to hear so many haven't had any issues doing so.
  5. You are not supposed to use your drink vouchers for other people. No judgment or advice here, just letting you know what RC would say. After that it's up to you.
  6. This may not be helpful but once we were onboard the same cruise on Radiance in 2018 we realized we wouldn't have cared where our balcony was. When there was something truly worth seeing while at sea (like Hubbard Glacier) we were on deck to get a better view anyway. Just my 2c.
  7. Ask an obvious question, get an obvious answer, lol. Thanks. I'm sure I'll try something with rum so Kraken it is.
  8. Not a rum drinker but will try anything that's free (voucher)... what's special about Kraken?
  9. You're welcome. BTW, I only mentioned that so you could double check the site rather than just trust a random internet poster. Hope it didn't come off like I felt you should have known that already. Happy testing and cruising! Our 5/29 Harmony cruise will be our first since 2019.
  10. Yes, NAAT at Walgreens is what most people who go that route are using. It's specifically mentioned on the RC testing page. It's actually a rapid PCR test.
  11. Geez, there's a whole Winter Garden contingent here apparently. My wife teaches at the WG elementary school that a certain CD's kids went to. We sailed with him once and they were onboard that week. Sorry for semi-hijacking the thread.
  12. We're a month out from our first post-covid cruise and Walgreens seems easiest to us (and free). We'll be going to one of several located where Matt lives in fact.
  13. I'd watch it. Sounds like a fun project. As long as you think you and the kids will have fun doing it, go for it!
  14. Paragraphs!!! We were pretty upset when we missed Roatan on our last pre-covid cruise due to high winds but, as others have stated, it's just part of cruising.
  15. What is this GYM you speak of? I go on a diet for about 4 weeks before ever 7-night cruise and then gain it all back in those 8 days. Two desserts? Pssh... I have early sit down dinner with family in MDR/CK/wherever and then have my 2nd dinner later in the WJ!
  16. Get food after that drink? (I can't be the only one in a hurry to gain 10 lbs. on a cruise).
  17. From reading forums, not personal experience, any time after midnight is fine and yes there are proctors available. Others have posted doing exactly what you described with no issues.
  18. Time doesn't matter, just 2 days. Anytime after 12:01am Tuesday works.
  19. If you're going on a ship with Park Cafe, you can collect bags of chips for your cabin (lays, doritos, etc.). You can also bring a large ziploc and collect a bag of the cookies found everywhere. Heck, we often even have a few desserts from the WJ or elsewhere in our cabin fridge at times. By all means, bring your own, but this is our source of in-room snacks.
  20. FWIW, on Oasis last month (where there was no comedy show in the main theater, only the comedy club), it was the same two comedians for the entire cruise.
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