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    OrionJus reacted to gareth in Vision of the Seas tips   
    hi all .. looking forward to our cruise september 16th..
    vision of the seas venice to dubai ...
    any tips guys it our first trip on one of the bigger ships ?
    thanks all , :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)
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    OrionJus reacted to DocLC in Royal Caribbean drink package decision tree   
    This is what I took from your post.  Essentially, you've given us a decision tree regarding the drink package.

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    OrionJus reacted to Sailor_to_Cruiser in Symphony European Cruise   
    So, I have booked a cruise on Symphony's very first sailing out of Barcelona on April 21st 2018 (wish it was 2017).
    Looking at drinks packages, when I put it into my shopping cart, it says "Deluxe Package Special Offer Non Caribbean".   I know that I am not sailing in the Caribbean, so what else does this mean?  Are prices going to be different just because its an European cruise?  
    (Of course they are.  I just had that thought after I wrote that.  It makes perfect sense, but why do they need to differentiate it on the purchase?)
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    OrionJus reacted to FloatMe in Official 2018-2019 deployment tracking thread   
    Probably it will be just Symphony of the Seas? Guessing.
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    OrionJus reacted to Mushroom in kids club   
    How does the kids club contact the parents? Do they give you a phone or pager?
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    OrionJus reacted to rjac in VOOM should be renamed to DOOM!   
    Just got back home from an 11 day cruise aboard the Serenade of the Seas. I paid for a 24 hour internet package and was not impressed at all! I took my laptop to the computer center on deck 4, figured that's where I would get the best/fastest wireless connection, boy was I wrong! After getting no where very slowly with my laptop I logged out and logged in using one of the computer center desktop computers. Ha, even worse! The operating system was Windows 7, hell, Microsoft doesn't even offer support for that operating system anymore! I feel sorry for those folks who paid for the internet package for the whole cruise. You should have seen the looks on their faces when they were trying to surf the web, check their email, etc with their personal devices. Definitely a look of gloom and doom.  :blink:
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    OrionJus reacted to DunwoodyDad in Voom discount - please help   
    I think I messed up. I had been seeing the Voom ad in the cruise planner with a discount ribbon across it, but now that I finally decide to buy it, I don't see any kind of discount. I leave in 2 weeks on the Harmony for 7 nights and am wondering if they pull the discount at 14 days out. Right now it says 1 device is 11.99 per day. Is this the rack rate?
    To be specific, I a looking for a 4 device package for the 7 days. And I am a gold member. So at this point, should I wait to buy hoping for a sale? Or buy onboard?
    Thanks in advance to the experts out there.
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