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Spotlight: Royal Caribbean WOWbands on Harmony of the Seas

30 May 2016
Matt Hochberg

Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas offers a lot of firsts, including being the first Oasis-class cruise ship to offer the RFID bracelets known as WOWbands.

What is a WOWband?

Let us begin with the basics of what a WOWband is before discussing how to use it on Harmony of the Seas.

WOWbands are essentially optional replacements for your SeaPass card. Imagine a bracelet you can wear that allows you to open you stateroom door, charge onboard purchases or check into shows and restaurants.

They are made of silicone and come in a variety of colors: white, yellow, black and blue.

WOWbands use Radio Frequency (RF) technology that can be read by Royal Caribbean's readers that are found at kiosks, tablets and mobile scanners that Royal Caribbean crew operate.

Your WOWband is linked to your SeaPass account and holds all of your information related to your cruise vacation such as your stateroom information, dining reservations and more.  

How much are they on Harmony of the Seas?

Photo by Rich Freudenberg‎

Guests on Harmony of the Seas can choose to purchase WOWbands for $4.99 each.

Guests can purchase one and re-use it on another Harmony of the Seas cruise, or on any other Royal Caribbean ship that has WOWbands.  

In fact, WOWbands from other Royal Caribbean ships can be used as well. You just need to go to Guest Services and have them re-programmed.

Where do I buy it on Harmony of the Seas?

WOWbands can be purchased from Guest Services on Harmony of the Seas.

WOWbands are complimentary for suite guests.

Should I get a WOWband on Harmony of the Seas?

WOWbands are an optional feature but once you try the WOWbands, you will likely be leaving your SeaPass card behind in your stateroom.

They are a neat option, but completely optional.  All guests will be issued SeaPass cards and those will continue to work, even if you get a WOWband

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