Falmouth getting infrastructure improvements


The port of Falmouth, Jamaica that Royal Caribbean has spent a lot of money working with Jamaica to build, is set to receive new improvements to ease traffic flow within the port and access to the town.

Specifically, the pre-booked tours area is getting a $400,000 refurbushment to help with traffic flow and passenger comfort. The traffic routing will be completed this month, according to William Tatham, VP of cruise shipping for the Jamaica Port Authority. Tatham also indicated landscaping and cover will follow, replacing the use of tents, for next summer.

The Falmouth improvements spring from advice and technical expertise offered by Disney Cruise Line, which volunteered a couple of experts to make assessments and suggestions regarding tour bus movements and signage that led to the redesign.  

In addition, there will be renovations and upgrades in the town of Falmouth to make it more welcoming and accessible for visitors. Tatham said these will address how people move around the town, by trolley or on foot, to facilitate more exploration and discovery of Falmouth's history and culture.

A number of government agencies under the transportation ministry are studying the infrastructure and flow; Tatham expects town works will be carried out by the end of the 2013/14 season.