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Royal Caribbean announces Art Grants for art grants for two women

15 Jun 2013

Two Norwegian contemporary artists were shared in an art award that was presented by Royal Caribbean as part of the 10th annual Royal Caribbean Arts Grant (RCAG).

The ceremony took place in Oslo onboard Adventure of the Seas on June 15 where Anawana Haloba and Lene Berg received US $43,500 each.  An international jury has picked the two finalists out of a pool of 262 well qualified applicants.

The jury issued this statement as to why they picked the two women, "A unanimous jury has decided to nominate two solid artists who are well on their way to establishing themselves both in Norway and internationally. Both finalists work with film using historical narratives and criticism of established precedents reflecting our present time. The finalists to this year's Royal Caribbean Arts Grant are Anawana Haloba and Lene Berg."

Royal Caribbean Arts Grant is an established and recognized award and has through its ten years' long history reflected the high level of competence and skill in the Norwegian art scene, something the jury acknowledges.