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Brazilian cruise industry slows down


After growing 20% annually over the past ten years and reaching a level of 800,000 tourists per year, the pace of cruise expansion in Brazil is expected to encounter a sharp slowdown in the 2011-2012 season.

The estimated expansion in the supply of beds is only 1.6%. The main reason is the infrastructure deficiencies in Brazilian ports, which have no more room for receiving large ships. Given this scenario, the will mark the  first time a cruise season will have fewer vessels than the last.

Industry executives say that the trend, if the port infrastructure remains the same, the industry is to rearrange its size, because it may have grown more than the capacity of ports includes . 'The sector's growth will curb. There is no investment in ports. The system is at the limit, "says the president of the Association of Marine Cruises (open), Ricardo Amaral, also director-general of the Royal Caribbean in Brazil.