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Royal Beach Club at Paradise Island: What you should know before it opens

03 Apr 2023
Jenna DeLaurentis

With multiple beaches, a swimming pool, and private cabanas, The Royal Beach Club is set to be an exciting new option for Royal Caribbean cruise passengers visiting Nassau, and we’re sharing everything you need to know about this exclusive beach day.

The Royal Beach Club is a new project by Royal Caribbean in partnership with The Bahamas. It’s located on Paradise Island—a narrow strip of land near the cruise port in Nassau—on a 17 acre property.

Although the project was originally announced in 2020, it was put on hold during the cruise industry shutdown. In March 2023, however, Royal Caribbean announced they will be moving forward with The Royal Beach Club with a 2025 opening date.

Here’s what you should know before it opens.

*Information on this article is subject to change based on new announcements by Royal Caribbean.

The Royal Beach Club is for Royal Caribbean passengers only, but comes at an extra cost.

Despite its close proximity to the Nassau cruise port, which hosts over 12 different cruise lines, The Royal Beach Club is exclusively for Royal Caribbean cruise passengers. This is with the exception of Bahamian residents along with their friends and family, who can enjoy the beach club's facilities at a reduced rate.

Unlike Royal Caribbean’s private destination of Perfect Day at CocoCay, however, access to The Royal Beach Club is not included in the cruise fare. Passengers will have to reserve a day pass at the beach club for an additional fee.

The entrance fee for The Royal Beach Club has not been announced, but the day pass will include beach club access, lunch, and the rental of a beach chair. It does not include alcohol and soda, cabanas, day beds, watersport activities, and local tours.

Day passes on the island will include four or five hours of access. Most port days in Nassau are around eight hours long, meaning The Royal Beach Club is a half-day experience.

The beach club is not on a private island, as Paradise Island is also shared with hotels and resorts like The Atlantis, Baha Mar, and Sandals Royal Bahamian. However, it is located in a more secluded area of Paradise Island on the far west side.

The beach club aims to create a world class beach experience, and four beaches are planned.

Based on initial concept art, it appears that The Royal Beach Club will have four beaches: Tranquility Beach, Hideaway Beach, Harbor Beach, and Sapphire Beach.

Two of the beaches—Tranquility Beach and Sapphire Beach—are along the northern side of Paradise Island facing the open ocean. The other two beaches—Hideaway Beach and Harbor Beach—appear to be facing the cruise port and thus should have calmer waters.

All beaches feature lounge chairs and umbrellas, and private cabanas are available to reserve for an extra cost. Little details on the cabanas have been shared, but they appear to feature private pool chairs in front of the cabana along with plush furnishings on the inside.

Like at Perfect Day at CocoCay, reserving a cabana for the day can be a nice way to splurge on added comfort and exclusivity while at The Royal Beach Club.

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Three types of cabanas are listed in the concept art: VIP Cabanas, Beach Cabanas, and HideAway Bungalows, but the differences between the cabanas have not yet been announced. A few over-the-water cabanas appear in the concept art as well.

In addition to beaches, amenities at The Royal Beach Club include a spacious swimming pool and a watersports center.

Aside from beaches, passengers in search of a pool day are in luck at The Royal Beach Club. Concept art shows a large infinity edge pool, making it a perfect spot to cool down in the Bahamian sun.

The pool is long and narrow and features pool chairs and umbrellas along its perimeter. It also features in-pool beach beds, which appear to be padded and include pillows, a side table, and canopy for shade. Day beds have an additional cost.

There appears to be an adults-only pool as well, in addition to a kids splash pad and wading pool.

If lounging on a pool chair doesn’t sound thrilling enough, though, you can enjoy watersports activities for an extra cost. Activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, floating mat rentals, inflatable water slides, and parasailing.

Nature hikes and a volleyball court will also be offered at The Royal Beach Club.

Several food and drink venues will be located at The Royal Beach Club including a fan favorite from Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Food is included in the price of admission to The Royal Beach Club. Based on concept art, it appears there will be two food halls—one on each side of the beach club. Information on the food halls has not been announced, but it’s possible the food halls will be a buffet-style dining venue.

In addition to the food halls are three Snack Shack locations, which serve grab and go food including chicken sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, french fries, and mozzarella sticks. This venue is a favorite among cruise fans; three locations are also found at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Aside from dining, there is a wide selection of bars at The Royal Beach Club. You won’t have to travel far to find a tropical cocktail while on shore, as bars are scattered throughout every side of the beach club.

Bars include:

  • Hideaway Bar
  • Beach Bar
  • Tranquility Beach Bar
  • Vista Bluff Bar
  • Signature Bahamian Bar
  • Bunker Bar
  • Dunes Bar

Water taxis will transport passengers from their cruise ship to the Royal Beach Club.

It’s not possible to walk from your cruise ship to the Royal Beach Club. Passengers who book a day pass to the beach club must walk out of the port and onto Bay Street.

Once at the end of Bay Street (near the Straw Market), guests will find water taxis transporting them to and from the beach club.

There are two water taxi stops at The Royal Beach Club. The first is near Sapphire Beach and the second is near the west end of the pool.

The Royal Beach Club will have a capacity for up to 3,800 guests, and it features opportunities to learn about Bahamian culture.

Up to 3,800 Royal Caribbean cruise passengers can visit The Royal Beach Club at any given time.

Most of Royal Caribbean’s ships have a capacity of 3,000 to 6,000 passengers, and there are usually multiple ships in Nassau on any given day. This means that not all passengers can visit The Royal Beach Club every day, but it provides another excursion option in addition to the exciting tours found elsewhere in Nassau.

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While on shore, guests at The Royal Beach Club will have the opportunity to learn more about Bahamian culture in addition to time at the beach and pool.

Near Harbor Beach is an artisan market. Although details on the artisan market have not been announced, we can expect to see a handicraft and souvenir market run by local Bahamians.

Live music will be found around the island as well, in addition to Bahamian cuisine at the dining venues and island-style barbecues.

The beach club is a public-private partnership with the Bahamas and will provide a positive economic impact.

The Royal Beach Club is being constructed as a public-private partnership between Royal Caribbean and The Bahamas. Bahamians are invited to own up to 49% equity in the club, and local businesses can take part in managing the majority of the experience.

Hundreds of jobs will be created for local Bahamians with The Royal Beach Club, both during construction and operation. The $110+ million investment will hire over two hundred Bahamians during construction, and the economic impact over ten years is estimated to be around $1 billion.

An overall goal of the project is to continue growing the number of visitors to Nassau. Royal Caribbean Group estimates over 2.5 million guests will visit Nassau by 2030, many of whom will spend their day at The Royal Beach Club.

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