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Mariner of the Seas Snorkel Trip Nassau

Sean C.

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We had a great time on a Snorkel trip in Nassau on OCT 23 2018 and I made a very small video of pictures that we took. Hope you like it.  Here is the link to the video. I also have a few other short videos posted you my Youtube page. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db3UI762BC8    We were on a 4 night cruise on the Mariner of the seas. We had such a great time. We even met the Capt of the ship at the airport on the way home. How cool is that??? 




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We went looking for a shopping deal in the mid morning but did not really find anything we liked. My wife got a massage on the ship in the morning. I used the treadmill for an hour and watched one of the ships in port have a life boat drill with the boats in the water. That was cool.  We picked up a few cool souvenirs on the short walk back to the ship after the Snorkel trip. Then it was pool time on the ship. It was a great day. Next time We would like to check out Atlantis or just tour Nassau a little more in General. Oh I also woke up extra early and watched the Pilot get on the Mariner and I could see the Captain park the ship from our Balcony. Also loved seeing all the other ships as our son booked a cruise on the Carnival Victory in Jan and we got to see that ship also. Thinking about our next Royal Caribbean cruise ASAP.     

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