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***DISCLAIMER***  I did try searching for this question before I posted!

I booked a Grand Suite for next summer on RC that I am having to cancel for financial reasons.  I purchased trip insurance for 2 adults and 1 child (15 at time of travel) through RC when I booked it online (without a Travel Agent).  Anyways, I understand the non-refundable deposit/future cruise credit stuff.  

I'm getting to my question I promise...The RC agent was kind enough to remind me that I purchased trip insurance and to get with Affinity Travel (Aon) about refunding.  I just placed a claim and just got all the paperwork.  Before I fill all of this out, I wanted to ask - does anyone know where I can find the terms on this insurance?  I thought Affinity sent me an email about it, but I cannot locate. Bottom line, I really want to know if I can get my money back or not.  There is no medical reason, no death.  We just don't want to go anymore.  Can I get my $375 back based on canceling the trip for no reason??





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2 hours ago, Lindsay said:

Can I get my $375 back based on canceling the trip for no reason??

Not sure if this will be helpful or not, but the answer is it depends on your policy and what it covers.  Some travel insurance plans have a "cancel for any reason" clause, where you can get money back for this situation are describing.

Most plans require some sort of event.  You mentioned financial reasons, and you should look into the policy if it covers things like loss of a job or something like that.  There may be a covered reason.

Your next step should be to call the insurance agency and inquiring about covered reasons to cancel.  You might check your email, as when I've bought insurance in the past, a PDF document with the policy was included.

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