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Last time we were in that area was about 10 years ago - back then I didn't like Le Havre. I'd recommend Honfleur as a cute artsy town that isn't too far away (30 minutes). Rouen is also quite beautiful but already an hour away. Weather permitting you could just visit the "beach" La Plage du Havre. It's more pebbles than sand but has a few restaurants.

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I just got off the Dutch and French Adventure cruise which had 2 days at Le Havre.  We did one day trip into Paris (Paris Sightseeing without Lunch), but the 2nd day we did Rouen and really enjoyed both.  Rouen is very pretty.  There is an extremely old, beautiful church that you tour and then the guide takes you on a short walk along a beautiful historic road with lots of shops to the spot where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.  Take a look at that one too and don't rule out Paris because you have kids!  They do stop halfway to a very clean, new gas station right on the highway for a bathroom break and with a few minutes to buy a quick snack to eat on the bus.   

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