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Xcaret tour, anyone has taken it?

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A friend of mine  has just taken this tour. He arrived in Cozumel in Oasis of the seas. The problem that he mentioned is that the stay at Xcaret park was less than 4 hours because Oasis was leaving Cozumel at 5:30. I will arrive at Harmony at 8:00 AM (ship time) and leave at 7:00 PM (Ship time). Do you think with this time span it's worth the tour and that I could spend more time in the park than 4 hours as it happened to my friend?

This is the tour:

Xcaret Shore Excursion

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I love Xcaret and if you've never been would recommend going. I've been there about half a dozen times.  There is so much to do and see....it's a little like a Caribbean Disney-park (with no rides, obviously).  You can relax on the beach, go tubing in the caves, see music and arts demonstrations, walk through the Day of the Dead displays....just very very cool and educational and fun and relaxing.  That being said, i see the tour is eight hours, but if it is taking two hours to get there and two hours to get back, leaving you only four hours in the park, then I would skip it and put it on your list for another trip of it's own.  No tour is worth wasting four hours of vacation time in travel.  (Boo....sorry).  Let me know if I am misunderstood.


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