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Anthem of the Seas Balcony Stateroom


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We just returned from our cruise and booked via NextCruise for 2019 onboard Anthem of the Seas. My question has to do with the Oceanview Balcony staterooms we selected (the standard balcony, not the larger balcony found in select staterooms near 'humps'). I am noticing that some staterooms have the seating area with desk and sofa as you walk in, then the bed, then the balcony; but others have the bed first, then the seating area, then the balcony. How do we know what we have? I would prefer the bed near the balcony. Staterooms booked are 10552 and 10554

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It takes a lot of digging & research.  When I booked our room on Anthem, I google searched d Anthem's staterooms & finally found pictures of certain staterooms.  They alternate - every other one has the bed by the window.  If you can find one near your stateroom, you can count & find out what you have.  Since your rooms are side-by-side, one of your rooms has the bed by the balcony & the other has the sofa by the window.

FYI - on Anthem, the A/C in your room will only operate if the balcony door is closed.  We had hoped to sleep w/ our balcony door open (for the breeze & to listen to the ocean), but it was too hot & humid to not have the A/C on.  (I get it - RCCL got smart so their A/C isn't flying out the windows...)

Also - we absolutely LOVED Anthem!  So far, it's my favorite ship I've sailed on.

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