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  1. Mariner of the Seas is getting A LOT of upgrades for summer of 2018, so based on your sail date I don't know what you will have but here are some basics: Communication - only the newest ships (not renovated ships) have apps where you can text each other. You either have to use short wave walkie talkies or purchase the internet package and use an internet based service like facebook messenger, etc. Food - The Windjammer is a buffet for all 3 meal times and has plenty to offer if you don't want to go to any sit down restaurants. There will also be food available at at least 1 cafe area no charge for pastries, pizza, desserts, coffee, etc 24 hours. Drinks - the items you listed are always available. Read my other reply regarding tumblers. Kids - If you surrender your children to the care of the kids club staff they will always be under proper supervision. I don't know if they take them outside or not, perhaps someone else can help you in that area, we didn't take our kids until they were in their late teens. Hotel - I'm sure any inexpensive hotel will do. I would ask if any of them allow you to park at the hotel and take a shuttle to the port. That would save you the port parking fee. Online Check In - This is done to prefill your identity information (passport info, etc). It is most of your paperwork. A few weeks before your departure date you will also get your SeaPass document. This is the main document you print out for 1 representative in your stateroom for check in purposes, and includes the credit card info for any onboard purchases. You will never pay with cash or credit card onboard - all purchases will be via SeaPass cards and charged to your master account. You can arrive at the port any time after the standard boarding time, I like to arrive between 12-1pm so I can get access to the ship as early as possible. Coco Cay - For your younger kids I highly recommend you pay for access to the floating water park areas. It is an extra 'excursion' fee, but your kids will have a blast! Movies - There is an outdoor movie screen that plays movies throughout the day, and sometimes movies are played inside one of the theaters. Lastly, as I said earlier, Mariner is getting upgraded for this summer so none of us will be able to say anything about your ship specifically, just what we have experienced on others. I have been on 5 ships so far, and some aspects are the same, but there are some unique things about each ship too! It looks like Mariner is getting some cool waterslides and more for some extra onboard fun.
  2. Hello! Current soda packages give you a tumblr, but we have found the refill practice is different depending on the ship. Some ships have self serve machines that only work with the tumblr, so as long as you have one you can fill it, and a certain amount of time has to expire before you can use it again. However, we just returned from Navigator of the Seas and they didn't have them, you had to bring the tumblr to a coffee/water station or a bar for sodas. I don't recall them asking for your SeaPass card to confirm your package, seeing the cup was enough for a free refill. Regarding sharing drinks - I know they have removed free drink privileges for sharing drinks if they catch you; but you would have to be incredibly up front about it (like having a child with you, get your free drink/soda, and hand it right to another person). I have found it works for me to purchase the full drink package for my wife and I and give the tumblers to my kids for the sodas.
  3. We just returned from our cruise and booked via NextCruise for 2019 onboard Anthem of the Seas. My question has to do with the Oceanview Balcony staterooms we selected (the standard balcony, not the larger balcony found in select staterooms near 'humps'). I am noticing that some staterooms have the seating area with desk and sofa as you walk in, then the bed, then the balcony; but others have the bed first, then the seating area, then the balcony. How do we know what we have? I would prefer the bed near the balcony. Staterooms booked are 10552 and 10554
  4. It's odd that I'm getting different answers. I talked to a RC Rep on the phone and they told me they would have to board separately. So bizarre.
  5. My wife and I are platinum members and have a vacation next week on Navigator of the Seas. Her sister and husband are traveling with us, first time cruising. Although we didn't book at the same time, we did have our reservations linked. Will they be able to enjoy the Platinum check in process with us? I'm mainly concerned about them being in our shorter line as opposed to the long lines for first time cruisers.
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