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Thinking about doing an Eastern Caribbean cruise, would be flying from Manchester, England. The price of the whole cruise comes out at £3939 for Allure and £4029 for Oasis, so not worried about the price. Are there any differences in service/food quality or any noticeable things that differ these ships from one another?


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Alure and Oasis are almost the same.

Both are the same size, will serve you the same food , have the same special restaurants.

Allure showing Mama Mia, Oasis Cats.

we were cursing both  of the ships , could not find many differences.

Oasis is going out from Port  Canaveral while Allure from  Fort Lauderdale/Miami (Some time next year)

Port Canaveral is 45 minutes from Orlando, which means it will cost you more to arrive there and back (the cheapest will be to rent a car, RC taking 35 $ PP each way) going to the port in Fort Lauderdale is around 10 minutes ore less from the airport and most of the hotels around.

If the flight to Orlando and  Fort Lauderdale/Miami airport  cost the same and you are not planning to visit Orlando's  parks (which if you already travel from the UK I might consider to visit a park or two) than for sure take the Allure.

If you are planning to go to Orlando first to visit Disney/Universal you might consider to take Oasis. by the way if you still want to be in Orlando and take allure you can always rent a car and return it in in FLL/Miami airport.

By the way , most of the times , the hotels in Orlando will be cheaper comparing to Fort Lauderdale/Miami. 

So before you decide you should ask yourself  what you want to do before/after the cruise ....

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14 hours ago, Vice said:

We were considering Allure but the Ports of call on Oasis were much better IMHO. I have no interest in Puerto Rico and Labadee appeal to me either.

I think with the oasis class behemoths the ports arent as good as a cruise on something like rhapsody of the seas because of the size, but the interior of the oasis class ships make up for that

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