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Number of people in a Thrill waterpark cabanae

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I am planning for my 50th birthday cruise which we have booked the Royal Loft on Oasis during the Jan 24th to Feb 1st, 2026 sailing. We have several friends traveling with us and I kinda would like to get a cabana while at CocoCay. I found that most cabanas will allow up to 8 people. However, I will have my 9-year-old daughter, and another couple will have a 9 yo and 5 yo. With my core group, we will have 8 people total. 5 adults and 3 children. While I am leaning towards a Coco Beach Club cabana or an overwater cabana, I just think the kids would have more fun (and maybe some of the adults) at thrill water park. However, I have been in a cabana there and they have a maximum capacity of 6. I know that in some cases, like the cabanas at South Beach, you can pay $100  for two extra people to bring the total to 10 people. I am wondering if this would hold true at Thrill Waterpark. While I am sure @Matt would say the food is totally worth it at the Coco Beach Club, and the adults will enjoy this area, I would at least like to see if we could squeeze in 8 people at the thrill waterpark. 

Has anyone had 8 people for a Thrill Waterpark cabana? If so, were there any issues?


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