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Just found out my friends had to cancel.  WJ on first day would be nuts, so got the key  (also wasn't much more than internet alone.) And will have a nice lunch on Sunday!   Do they have a table of solo travelers in MDR?  I don't really want to be added to a family's table.  A table with like aged people is good but never quite done this before.  On another company they have larger tables for smaller parties.  A few years ago on voyager class ship I went with a couple and we were at 8 top with 3 others that were always late so we had to tell server that we wanted to eat and not wait as we had plans and didn't want to fill up on dang bread!

I eat alone all the time, so that doesn't bother me.  As an extrovert I can also join anyone anytime... but have a crazy job and this is my down time!




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