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xSAILEDx Quantum of the Seas - May 22, 2023 - May 29, 2023 (7 Night Alaska Glacier Cruise)

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My family of 4 will be on the ship too!  We've been looking forward to this cruise for a long time (it's our 30th-anniversary gift to ourselves). We were also really looking forward to Skagway as a highlight of the trip too. Now that we are going to Icy Strait Point/Hoonah instead, I'm not sure what we'll do there other than perhaps do some hiking. We did take Matt's advice though to get as early a boarding time as possible. I had to stay up until 1 AM to do it, but by doing that, our boarding time is 10:30, so we'll have more time to enjoy the ship on our first day. (h/t to Matt for the advice!)

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Yes! Bummed about missing the Yukon Train experience… it’s a wonderful ride through magnificent country… But going to Icy Point will be ok too… it’s a truly beautiful little village created  ( and owned) by the native tribes… there’s plenty to see and do… one of the best locations for whale watching… the village has assorted handcrafted wares, a museum, lots of trails and restaurants( a few!) offering the best catch of the day!Guaranteed fresh… and it’s just .5 miles from the town of HOONAH.  
it’s unfortunate to miss Skagway. 
howeverSAFTEY FIRST… the rock slides and precarious conditions, especially for a large ship, make our stop a true adventure! and, the village has a “teeny tiny “  Salvation Army… I plan on bringing a bag of donations!


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On 5/4/2023 at 2:00 PM, Sastoks said:

This will be our first cruise! I'm bummed that we will not be stopping in Skagway anymore. Our family was looking forward to the White Pass Railroad. Anyone else sailing with us?

I’ll be on the August 21st sailing. Also really bummed about missing Skagway. Would have much preferred to substitute for Ketchikan instead of Icy Strait Point. 

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Hey y'all! Excited for our trip! This is only my second cruise ever and I have a toddler with me so I don't have any firm excursion trips planned. Any advice for port days without an itinerary? Is it worth it to just wander around or would it be just as fun to enjoy the ship? We're not big outdoors people...

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