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Chic / formal evening Caribbean Constalatipn

Julia Dowle

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We are from UK and on our first Celebrity Cruise 17th March out of Tampa to Caribbean .

I like formal evenings, it is a great element of crusing  for me.  My husband dislikes wearing a dinner jacket ( tuxedo) but has to conform on P&O and Cunard cruises.

I wish to avoid over packing, and save him feeling unnecessarily uncomfortable.

How many men can be expected to be formally dressed on Chic nights?

I would be very grateful if anyone has any advice  please. Thanks  Julia. Ps we have cruised a lot and are 69.




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Chic night is as formal as you want to make it.  Primarily I would call it business casual , especially in the Caribbean.    No requirement for a dinner jacket unless you want to wear one.  We just got off Beyond from Ft. Lauderdale, and I didn't see a single tux.  Saw some suits and sport coats,  but a most just wore open collar shirts (many with tropical floral patterns)  w/o a jacket.  (and that was in Luminae).  

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Thank you, its kind of what I expected.  I will let him know and he will make his own mind up., I expect he will be delighted with this news! 

We had to cancel an early March cruise with another more formal line because of an urgent family issue and were lucky to secure the booking on Constellation, at the very last minute.  We are 2 nights in Tampa by the sea before we sail. I feel sure we will have a great time. Just to get away will be wonderful.

For those of you who know " Connie" is there a special restaurant on board where we would be comfortable having a formal evening, just the 2 of us? 

It is my 70th birthday and I have new ear rings to wear !   We / I  would hate to appear as folk from the UK, looking out of place.   Many thanks for any advice / thoughts

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