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Future Cruise Booking Limbo!?

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Hi Matt, I recently stumbled upon your website and podcasts and have enjoyed each one, especially the podcast. Me and my wife just made the switch from Carnival to Royal Caribbean. Our 1st royal Caribbean Cruise was the enchantment of the seas and we absolutely enjoyed it (even though it was short). Our next cruise with Royal is next month on the Allure of the seas and we absolutely can't wait. We have the Nassau, St.Thomas and St. Marteen itenerary. We booked the cruise in march of 2012, so it's long overdue. We typically book far out in advance. We have already booked for the adventure of the seas in august 2015 which brings me to what's next? We typically try to take 2 cruises per year, one with the children(typically april) and me and my wife go solo for our anniversary in august.  We want to take an Alaskan cruise however,  with all the possibilities of 2016, we are in pure utter LIMBO! If the Oasis 3 is stateside, we definitely want to be on it, if not, the 3rd Quantum class ship could be stateside or the Quantum or the Anthem could be here on summer itineraries. What should we do? Any suggestions. I know we have some time before the 2016 summer itineraries are available but the early bird catches the worm. Great podcast and great website! Keep up the great job!


Sincerely,  a new loyal follower Damion 

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Welcome Damion and thank you for reading the blog and listening to the podcast!


This is a good "problem" to have.  I think at the very least Quantum 3 or Oasis 3 will be in USA to at least start.


Anthem of the Seas will be sailing out of New York for the winter 2015-2016, so you can bet on that.  I don't have any insight other than guessing as to where Oasis and Quantum will go so my suggestion is book Anthem for winter 2016 now or keep waiting to see what happens since you cannot book Alaska 2016 yet.


You can always change your reservation so if you book Anthem for 2016 today and in a few months they announce Oasis 3 and you'd rather do that, then you can easily change your reservation to match. Heck, you can book Anthem now and put some money down and help start saving for whichever cruise you ultimately choose.


The key thing to understand is what you choose today is not "written in stone" and you have plenty of time to change your mind. Be sure to share what you end up doing with us!

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