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  1. I just got off the 4/5 sailing on The Independence of The Seas and we absolutely enjoyed it. Me and my wife originally had another cruise booked on 8/15/15 on the Adventure of the seas, however she will be over the 6 month limit that Royal Caribbean allows to go on a cruise. She suggested me and our son take a short cruise. We have already cruised on The Enchantment of the Seas and loved it. Instead of doing a repeat on the Enchantment, I looked at the Majesty. I know it will be out of the fleet next year and I just wanted any insight anyone may have on the ship. Is the cruise worth taking with an 8year old who loves cruising? Info needed!
  2. Just curious about what is the main airport to fly into when sailing out of SouthHampton? Just wondering for future purposes.
  3. I try to book my cruises as far in advance and keep an eye out on the price drops. With this being said, I hear a lot about Alaska cruises and I have been very curious. I'm anxious to get on a Quantum class ship but I need a great itenerary preferably in the summer months. I've booked a couple of cruises so far leaving the summer 2016 spot open for when the schedule comes out. I know a new Quantum class ship will arrive as well as the newest Oasis sister. Is it possible that every new ship will be overseas based in the summer months? If so, I'm Alaska bound...... any great info? Also, is there a big difference between departure from Seattle as opposed to Vancouver?
  4. I noticed a lot of the replies state that you can board the ship as early as noon. Is this still true considering the 8:30 pm departure time on my sailing?
  5. Hi. I recently started sailing with royal Caribbean within the last year. I am a carnival convert. Im really glad I made the switch. I've been on two Royal Caribbean cruises so far. I have the Adventure of the Seas booked and ive heard nothing but great things about the ship as well as the itinerary. I've been on the Enchantment of the seas earlier this year and the Allure of the Seas just last month. I really enjoyed them both. I ultimately am an itinerary cruiser however since Royal Caribbean has so many ship sizes, I honestly would like to cruise on at least one ship from each class. With that being said, just yesterday I booked a cruise on the Brillance of the Seas. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me anything about this ship or cruising from Tampa. I really enjoy the podcast as well as the blog.
  6. Recently noticed the voyager of the seas is getting upgrades that include a surf simulator. Noticed that the adventure of the seas got upgrades but no surf simulator. Are they going to revisit the adventure of the seas for more upgrades?
  7. Hi Matt, I recently stumbled upon your website and podcasts and have enjoyed each one, especially the podcast. Me and my wife just made the switch from Carnival to Royal Caribbean. Our 1st royal Caribbean Cruise was the enchantment of the seas and we absolutely enjoyed it (even though it was short). Our next cruise with Royal is next month on the Allure of the seas and we absolutely can't wait. We have the Nassau, St.Thomas and St. Marteen itenerary. We booked the cruise in march of 2012, so it's long overdue. We typically book far out in advance. We have already booked for the adventure of the seas in august 2015 which brings me to what's next? We typically try to take 2 cruises per year, one with the children(typically april) and me and my wife go solo for our anniversary in august. We want to take an Alaskan cruise however, with all the possibilities of 2016, we are in pure utter LIMBO! If the Oasis 3 is stateside, we definitely want to be on it, if not, the 3rd Quantum class ship could be stateside or the Quantum or the Anthem could be here on summer itineraries. What should we do? Any suggestions. I know we have some time before the 2016 summer itineraries are available but the early bird catches the worm. Great podcast and great website! Keep up the great job! Sincerely, a new loyal follower Damion
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