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Megan’s Bay beach getaway


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Just came back from Symphony of the Seas. March 5-12. I would not recommend Megan’s Bay. It looks wonderful especially from up high. We booked the tour to go to the beach and then be dropped off to shop in town. By the time we got there around 1130am the beach was soooo crowded. The staff there are absolutely rude. 65$ to rent 2 chairs and an umbrella which you have to drag along the beach yourself. 30$ back when you return everything. The shop employees were rude

Please  beware of the “Lifeguards” and their cones. The lifeguard told us we were to close to his cone to save people. Made us move even called the security guard on us. The security guard seemed to know this is a common issue that happens. After we moved the umbrella and chairs as requested the lifeguard actually moved the cones again and tried the same scenario on another couple. 
We put in a complaint with shore excursion because we basically paid 100$ to be driven to the beach , get harassed and be driven back. We did not get our money back from Royal. 
This was our 4th cruise and it was the worst shore excursion we have ever had!

Caryn Mckay 


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