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Kids Club Question


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Question! My sons are age 5 & 7. They are cruising with us for the first time. I see the age for the “Adventure Ocean” kids club is ages 6-12. Will they allow my 5 year old to go with his older brother? I worry he will be bored to tears (a, without his best buddy and b, because he acts older than his age IMO). I’m just wondering if anyone has experience with them being flexible with this! Thanks!

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3 hours ago, Rach5678 said:

Will they allow my 5 year old to go with his older brother?

Welcome to the message boards!

You can ask. It's up to the crew to approve it, and it depends on how many kids are there, etc.

So I would ask politely. I've seen it approved and other times not. Just be okay if anser is no.

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When are you going? If it's a busier time, like during school breaks/holidays, there's probably less of a chance. I'm guessing it also may have to do with the structure of the AO layout, and when it was build/renovated, as I think some of the newer ones aren't as separated (but I could be wrong on that.)

We were on the Symphony during winter break 2019. Our kids were 5 and 7 and they did not allow them to be together. We wanted my daughter to go down to the age group below because the older kids were mostly just doing active, sports-type stuff and she was more into the arts/crafts stuff the slightly younger kids were doing, but they made us stick with the appropriate age group. 

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