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What Happens to Paid Reservations if you Rebook?


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Hi All!


We were originally booked on FOTS in February 2017, but have had to rebook to March. Our TA is handling that as I write this, but I have a question about all of the reservations we've already made and paid for... We booked Chops Grille, a couple excursions, and the bottled water package.  What happens to those? Will I just get a refund? I'm ok with having to make all the reservations again on the new cruise, but was curious how the existing reservations would be resolved.



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Correct, you will receive a cancellation notification from Royal Caribbean with respect to any of your Cruise Planner reservations and should see a corresponding credit card refund within a couple of days.   You will have to go back into the Cruise Planner for your new cruise for any reservations you wish to remake.  Sometimes the C&A desk will do this for you, but depends on how nice the planner is you speak with. :) 

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