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San Juan land vaca?


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I'm struggling over keeping my Southern Carib (out of San Juan) cruise booked for April 2022 or cancelling and planning a land vaca in San Juan. 

Basically due to a cancellation (Royal ship relo) and inferior ship swap out on rates I had locked in from 2019 on the better ship, I feel like I'm throwing money at my booking now to get back some of what I lost on the cancellation.  The $100 OBC Royal gave me on the cancellation doesn't make up for it.

I figure we could do so many things in Puerto Rico for a week that would be just as cool as the other islands we'd be going to.  I have Hilton Friends and Family rates on the Hilton Caribe and Condado resorts so I'll save money on lodging.  I don't care about shows or the casino on the ship, but my daughter said she'll miss the main dining room waiters.

I put this question in the Shore Excursion board hoping to get advice on what to do in San Juan for a week, but I guess I'm also looking for opinions on if I should chuck the cruise at all or stick with it.  Of course this is cruise fan blog, so I know opinions could be skewed, but I still trust your opinions.  Thank you..... ?

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We have added extra time to San Juan departure cruises twice now.  We did a beach day, visited the forts and old San Juan on another day, rain forest for a day and then rented  jeep and drove around the entire island which took a day. We didn't make it to Vieques for the bio bays nor did we take the ferry to the outer islands both of which were recommended by friends in San Juan.


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