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Has anyone had any direct experience with Always Included?  Our superb TA at MEI (Jacki) already checked our two Celebrity Europe 2021 sailings with one predictable result and the other extremely odd.

Predictable:  Silhouette APR 2021 from Southampton was roughly $1,400 extra for an 8 night cruise.  This works out to about $88 per day per person (which makes sense for gratuities, drinks and WiFi).  Given that we do not drink a lot and rarely use WiFi, we will stick with our original booking. No Always Included for this cruise.

Odd: Silhouette MAY 2021 from Southampton (2nd leg for back to back) was $3,000 extra for a 7 night cruise.  Now we are certain we will got a great deal on the original booking (at the time we thought is was good ... but not great).  If we were to keep only one booking this would be the obvious one.  No Always Included for this cruise either.

Unless there are changes, Celebrity will probably not be a long term option for us.  If you drink only a little and want to "unplug", the upcharge makes no sense.  


Curt from Canada

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