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Tree limin extreme zip lining in St. Thomas


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I wanted to share my experience in St. Thomas while Ziplining 1,000 feet up on the mountains! During my May cruise on Freedom Of The Seas my boyfriend and I did the tree limin extreme zip-lining. It was a lot of fun and the most beautiful views looking over Magens Bay and the other Islands around. The instructors made you feel comfortable and loosen up. They made the experience really fun and they have great sense of humor. From what I can remember it was a total of 8 zip lines and two rope bridges. Even though it does say extreme in the title, don't be intimidated by the word. It's not extreme In the sense that it's physical. You do have to carry your own equipment, but it's attached to your harness so it's not too bad probably around 10-15lbs. They have a army truck that takes you up a 40 degree incline, so your not hiking through the woods or anything like that. There is some walking but nothing to crazy. Make sure you bring your camera or even a go pro for video, you will be bummed if you don't catch those view for memories. The views are out of this world! They do have a gift shop at the end with tee shirts and suviners so bring cash if you are interested. Hope this review was helpfulpost-4733-0-75260300-1466118871_thumb.jpegpost-4733-0-72665700-1466118942_thumb.jpegpost-4733-0-32424700-1466119012_thumb.jpegpost-4733-0-60513200-1466119095_thumb.jpegpost-4733-0-73541500-1466119146_thumb.jpegpost-4733-0-17759800-1466119234_thumb.jpeg

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