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Could Royal Caribbean sale from Australia with only New Zealanders and Australians on board?

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I was just thinking....

NZ is pretty close to be declared COVID-19 free with only 1 person in the whole country still suffering from it (I reckon when they get the all clear they should get a meal in any restaurant they want in the country), Australia is no far behind and could probably be down to 0 cases in a month if they keep on their current path.

Given this could RCCL sail cruises from Australia with only Australian and NZ citizens on board who have been in their respective countries for 21 days? Would there be enough (a) customers to warrant it and (b) demand from those customers given the current public opinion on cruising?  

You'd need to ensure that the crew were carrying it into NZ/Aust so you'd need to either have it wait offshore for 21 days with no cases or somehow find away of guaranteeing the crew were COVID-19 free. The big stumbling block will probably be public opinion which is rather anti cruising at the moment due to a large number of deaths in Australia being attributed to one particular cruise ship. IF they can get over that and find a way to ensure the crew are not carrying it I wonder if they could be sailing in Australia and New Zealand by the end of the year after-all.

The Pacific Islands are also close to COVID-19 free as well so we might be able to include them in one Pacific bubble.



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Ensuring the crew were COVID19 free would be the big hurdle. I think if you made the cruise cheap enough people will get over their public perception of cruises (People have short memories or as someone told me they would never give bith more than once).

Princess may have some (a lot) PR work to do and I would spend a lot if I was Royal on educating the public on how they will protect passengers and people in ports they visit.

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