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Mid Ship or forward/aft?

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Good morning good people, I am a newbie to this board and a newbie to cruising so please forgive me if I come across as ignorant.  My wife and I cruised on Rhapsody of the seas recently and stayed in a Grand Suite directly under the pool deck.  We chose mid ship as we were advised this would be best to avoid possible motion sickness.  It was our first cruise so we didnt know if we would get seasick or not.  Unfortunately most nights we were kept awake by the scraping of tables/chairs across the pool deck by staff cleaning etc.  It was very loud.  Soon we are going on Voyager of the seas and have picked a suite forward of the ship to hopefully avoid the pool deck noise.  We are a bit worried about the up and down movement though. 

Is it normal for noise from the pool deck to be this loud or maybe it was just on Rhapsody?  Not talking about evening noise from music playing or other guests just from 3am noise from staff scraping tables and chairs around the deck?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  BTW, we loved the cruise so much we immediately booked another the noise was the only nitpick we had.

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In the forward bow section of the ship you will notice a little more movement of the ship. I cruise in January on Mariner of the Seas (same size and class) and was under the bridge in a front forward cabin. And yes I did notice a little more movement of the ship and in port when they use the bow thrusters you could feel it. But only for a few minutes. 


The lower you are in the ship the less movement you will have. But if you go to low can have noise from the ships work decks, engines etc. Also will have move movement on the bow and stern, the least amount of movement is a low deck, inside cabin, middle of the ship. But other reasons not to want that location; windows balconies, etc.  Not all of the ships place these suites under the pools. If you want the least noise and movement in a suite, look towards a the middle of the ships on a middle deck. Deck 8 will have less roll movement than deck 12. 

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We stayed in GS 1556 on Adventure (Voyager's sister) which is pretty far forward. Only one time did we any noise from the pool deck above us and that was at 3:30 in the afternoon. I think some type of game being played. Sounded like horse hooves for about 3 minutes. That was it the entire week. My wife and I are not particularly prone to motion sickness but we both take over the counter meclizine as a precaution.

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