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Arrival Time - what does it mean?

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Thanks so much for everyone who has answered my questions for our first cruise this weekend...


We are trying to arrange a meet-up with someone at the port when we arrive on one of our our port days. If the itinerary says that we'll arrive in port at, say, 9am - does that mean the ship docks at 9 or does it mean the first people will be off the ship at 9? I imagine it takes a while to get a ship docked and ready for passengers to disembark.

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It's not a set-in-stone time, that's for sure. Anything from weather to local customs authorities can alter the schedule.


That being said, if it says "9am," I would expect to be ON SHORE walking around by 9:30a if you get in line to disembark at around 8:45a.

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Bryce is right that the times are estimates but usually the time they post you will be in port is what time you can start disembarking.  


If you want to meet someone right at the time you can start disembarking, be sure to get in line to leave the ship early.  30-45 mins early is ideal.

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