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Theme Nights in MDR

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As I understand it, they offer different 'themes' in the MDR.  My questions are:


1) Is every night a different 'theme'?

2) What themes can I expect on a 14 night Med Navigator cruise?  Will they 'recycle' themes ie Italian nights on both weeks.


I LOVE food and I'm trying to decide if/how much specialty dining to book but I don't want to miss anything tasty that I don't have to pay extra for!



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I am terrible at remembering all of the different themes.


The themes are according to the ingredients of the food rather than by the ethnicity...if that makes any sense.  For ones that I can think of...pomodoro (sp ??) is the Italian theme, there is one for shitake which features mushrooms, one is thyme or maybe it's basil (can't remember the menu that goes with that one !), that's all I can think of at the moment, but it goes on and on.  My guess is that if you are going for 2 consecutive weeks that there will be some recurrence.  I have been on a couple of longer cruises but I just don't recall whether the menus repeated or not.


I seem to be one of the few remaining cruisers that actually LOVE the food in the MDR.  We almost never go to the Specialty restaurants.  If you are a steak snob then you will probably not be satisfied with the MDR steak.  It's not great.  If you are sushi lover then there's no substitute for Izumi (not sure if NAV has Izumi or not) but I don't find the need to really go to the specialty restaurants myself.  Maybe I'm just cheap.  I can't see paying for food again when I've already paid for it once, as part of my cruise fare.  We often get complimentary dining from the casino and we will usually go for those but overall, I stick with the MDR.  Others love paying twice for their food, so more power to them !

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