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Cozumel Scooter Review

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Note: I love live blogging but did not during my EOS Western Caribbean 7 day cruise so I thought I could create a few review type posts... Here it goes!

We always like to do something new so scootering seem like a good fit. Plus we never been completely around the island so this adventure seem to be perfect to check off both. A quick Google review let us to a local scooter rental place just off of the Town Center. Pepian rental is run by a single gentleman named Jesus. Just as the reviews said, he was helpful, friendly, and rented equipment that was top notch. We didn't haggle as we thought $30 for the entire day was more than fair.

Off we went on a single scooter with general directions to get us to the other side of the island. Driving with straightforward with simple controls and you need to shift gears. I had never driven a scooter and was able to get the hang of it and just a couple minutes. After about 10 minute drive we hit the Caribbean side of the island. What a beautiful landscape with breaking waves along the coast and unique scrub vegetation 4 miles in front of us. Every few miles there was either beach club or bar if you wanted to stop. We took a few breaks and a lot of photos. 

Ticket when we rounded back to the busier Westside we stopped at Alberto's for a nice relaxing lunch right on the beach. After exploring some of the neighborhoods we also stopped at Carlos Beach club. The building was wonderful but the beach chairs were a little tight and beat up. Still, in both places the food was delicious and the service was top-notch.

Back on the scooter we shot by the cruise piers and headed back into town. Glad I had the few hours on the scooter as we were definitely part of the typical traffic it's the city. Honestly, I always felt safe and in control during our 25 or 30 mile round trip.

I know that this excursion it's not for everyone but it ranks with some of the best that we have done. The ability to be in control of your time and your destinations while enjoying the wind in your face was an A+ experience.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Over the next couple days I'll review what we did on our stops in Belize, Roatan, and Key West. I do hope that these reports are helpful.






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