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Photo Package on Majesty of the Seas

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My husband and I are going on our first cruise on Majesty of the Seas in August 2020.  We know this is a small older ship but we thought it might be a good first cruise so we aren't overwhelmed with a mega ship our first time out.  That being said- with it being small and old is the photo package still worth it?  I've read posts about all the photos on the BIG ships but nothing from anyone on the small ships like Majesty.  Any other tips and tricks would be appreciated too.  Thank you in advance!

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Sure,  they take your picture most nights at dinner, all throughout the ship in the evening, on the pool deck during the day, and on the pier at each port. Many opportunities to have pictures taken. I purposely got on one knee and proposed to my now wife after the Capt. reception during the photo shoot and have amazing professional pictures of the moment now.


...and Majesty is a perfect first time cruise. You get the feel for it and leaves you wanting more. People say go for the big ships first but there's not much new left after you go on the big guns!

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Was just on Majesty in April for a 7 day, several days into the cruise we decided to purchase the photo package.  They had around 5-6 backdrops every evening, we took advantage of most of them each night and came away with over 100 photos.  My only complaint is that you were only able to get print photos and they are all 8x10.  And Majesty is a good ship, loved the Schooner Bar at night.

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