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Port Canaveral to Cocoa Beach bus


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Hi everyone! We'll be on the Anthem this month with a stop in Port Canaveral. This is our first cruise and first time at this port. With two littles under 5, we decided to forgo the Space Center in favor of Cocoa Beach. My question is - how easy is it to take the SCAT bus from Port Canaveral to Cocoa Beach on a weekday? Has anyone done this before and have any information, such as is it a walkable distance to get on the bus from the ship port if we have a stroller and 2 kids? 

Royal offers a shuttle to Cocoa Beach as an excursion, but at around $75 for a shared bus, it seems so expensive. The SCAT bus says it's only $1.50 per adult, a way better deal on a cool trolley too. Anyway, would really appreciate if anyone has done this method of transport and has any helpful tips or insight! 

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13 minutes ago, CarlaB said:

Also, is it possible to hail a taxi or Uber instead right at the cruise port and would they be ok to take two kids? We will not be bringing car seats with us and I'm not sure if we can request vehicles equipped with them easily. 

It's up to the taxi or rideshare driver whether they will take the kids if you don't have the proper seats for them.  Florida's rules are boosters up to age 5, I believe.  Limos, buses, and chauffeured rides like that are exempt.  You may want to look into some of the ultra portable options out there such as mifold.

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