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Transfer from airport to port - Venice, Italy


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We are taking the risk of landing at our port of embarkation on the morning of the cruise, due to costly hotel fares in Venice. We are landing at 11.20 AM, and the ship sails at 5 PM. I think they mentioned that we would have to have our flight land before 2 PM to make it. I've since been in touch with Royal Caribbean and booked a transfer from the airport in Venice to the cruise port. Does anyone know how this transfer is organized? Will we have to wait until they've filled a whole bus of people (let's say that it will take a couple of hours), or will they cater to us personally (smaller car) or our flight time? I would much rather see Venice for 1 hour (even though very short amout of time) than wait in the airport for 1 hour or more. 

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Here's how it goes for airport transfers for all ports. RCL knows how many passengers have bought the transfers and knows when they are expected to land. When they actually arrive is anyone's guess. Also, they are only going to operate a bus with a certain minimum occupancy. So taking that all into account here's what happens, as passengers and luggage arrive they wait until a bus is full. It's been my experience they do take into account how long you have been waiting, or at least tell you they do.


But I'll be honest, please don't sell Venice short because of a couple hundred dollar hotel room or there aren't the hotel brands you might be familiar with.Venice is not not some crappy Caribbean port. Venice in a wonderful, magical city. The perfect city for first time European travelers. A great place to get your feet wet. (yuk, yuk, yuk) Another unique option is to take the Blue Line from the airport to the cruise terminal taking a boat to the boat. But even that does not do Venice the justice it deserves.


No matter what you choose, the nighttime sailaways from Venice are many people's favorite of long time cruisers. The lights and the city are breathtaking. I shouldn't need to mention it's my all time favorite too and perhaps the best port I have ever been too.

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Thanks for the info. It was as I expected, but also maybe as feared. I'm travelling with a friend, and she will then have just been on a weeks vacation to Venice, so that's also a part of why we are flying in the same day. And some day, I will go to Venice myself, I'm sure.

I'm very much looking forward to the sailaway, as we have an aft balcony. There will be a lot of pretty sights on that cruise! (Oct. 17th).

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