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Bands like this are not ship crew or permanent on a ship.  These bands can spend as little as a few days up to a few weeks typically before packing up and heading somewhere else.  

If an internet search yields no results they might still be on the ship for another guest to query or they might already be off and heading somewhere else - another ship or another cruise line.

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4 hours ago, Fuzzywuzzy said:

The OP might be referencing EXTRA, a Caribbean band based out of St. Vincent & Grenadines.  For several years they have done a lot of Royal cruises, spread around about half a dozen ships. Some video clips of this band and onboard performances are available on YouTube.

Yes! I was wondering if anyone knew if they had any social media. 

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Well, I didnt find anything either but I may know why.....We were very fond of a duo on our Alaska cruise and when we got home I tried to do the same thing as you are. I could not find much of anything about them anywhere. Finally through a stroke of luck I discovered that they performed on ships using a name that was completely different than the one they use on shore at nightclubs, etc. Maybe that's going on here too?

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