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Roatan HOTS excursions start time, RC notify


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Hello all, hoping I can help others save money and frustration. Some RC, Roatan excursions have been rescheduled for later times, however RC does notify you. Wait till you get onboard to book more than one, they know now of changes, but Daily Planner does NOT reflect till you get on the ship. And not all “ tickets” in your stateroom are excursions ready to go. You have to sign waivers before going on excursions( that are SEPERATE from ship waivers) that location is only open one hour a day. We’re on HOTS right now with Roatan tomorrow & just learned of changes.RC does not make ANY attempt to let you know of changes, does not kniw how to knock on your door or try to call your room if you “ missed” the encrypted wording to sign completely different waivers than ship waivers & pick up the “ tickets” that are not the “tickets” provided to you in your stateroom. * edited again since home now & you can tell tell how mad we were at missing second excursion because of NO communication from RC. Oh ya, 30 min before embarkation to  Roatan. The port was CANCELLED. Bummer. Any pre paid RC sponsored excursions we got our money credit back to our credit card....well NOT all my money...found RC “missed” giving me my $ back, so had to stand inline to get that $ back. Was GLAD i did not get $ back as ship credit, since we were nickle & dimed to death from RC. They were great with communication for buying another cruise, but nothing about communication for changes of ANY existing prepaid excursion. Internet was completely down 2 of 8 days, spotty up & down the rest of trip so do NOT rely on internet updates/ what you print.  ** print your excursion times out off from daily planner, so you personally have times & proof you paid for EVERYTHING you bought. From arcade cards to meal times, print every day out before you go,  and toss as you go thru the day. 

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