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Customs Good/Bad Disembarking in Vancouver?

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Can anyone please comment on how smoothly/quickly the customs process is in Vancouver when one is disembarking? 

We will be disembarking RC Radiance of Seas on 6/14/2019.  I have found info that says there will be 3 ships disembarking that day (Radiance of Seas 7 a.m. start, Crystal Symphony 8 a.m. start, and Azamara Quest, no time specified).

I'm trying to guestimate how much time to allot for getting off the ship (we will do the express, carry your own luggage option, hopefully at 7 am) and navigating customs to then get to a pre-booked car rental less than 15 minutes from Canada Place, where we arrive/disembark.

Any feedback/info would be greatly appreciated.


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On your second to last night of your cruise your room attendant will leave you a you a "Customs Deceleration" paper to fill out, one per family.  You will bring it with you when you disembark the ship with your luggage  you will hand it to a Customs Officer, as long as you have nothing to declare  your all done.

I would not add any real time, it goes very smoothly.

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Two debarks in Vancouver coming off Alaska cruises (US) have been super easy.  

On Radiance last year I documented my Vancouver debark experience here (and the post after it):


My understanding for Ovation when it arrived from Hawaii this past month it was a little chaotic.  Maybe the volume of guests and luggage?   As I approach to check in (I was embarking) guests with luggage were coming off which I suspect were self-assist.  I think self -assist was more of a normal experience but the tagged luggage process became a mess due to the shear volume of luggage that a small terminal couldn't handle as well.  

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