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Eastern Caribbean excursions with infant

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Hi, Newbie here.

I will going on my first cruise this December on the Allure of the sea with my husband and son(who will be 1 in Dec)
I was wondering if anyone can recommend any Eastern Caribbean excursions that I can take my son on. I did a little search on some boat trips and all of them require min age of 3 years.


Thanks in advance


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What ports are you visiting? If St. Maarten is one of them, Leo Brown is a private driver (taxi) that many of us have good experiences with and he can provide an island tour, beach time, etc.


I've done the Eastern routes a few times, so if you provide the specific ports I can provide you with some suggestions as I did my first Eastern Caribbean cruise with my son when he was three.

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Definitely read Matt's blog on St. Maarten.  The perfect excursion in my mind would be to start with a couple of hours on the beach, head to Marigot on the French side for lunch, shopping and exploration, and then head to Maho Beach to see the planes land, which was a big hit with my son.


There are also some great beaches in St. Thomas, although we opted to do the island tour when my son was younger.  It was a scenic tour of the island with many picture stops.  The tram may be another option.


For Nassau, I'd recommend seeing if you can get a pass to explore the aquariums at the Atlantis Hotel.  They're phenomenal.  I wouldn't spend the money on the water park as there's really only one area your child could really enjoy.  However, the aquariums can easily fill a few hours.

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Thanks for the tips guys. 


So nervous about travelling with my son on this cruise so wanted to know all the places I can take him

My son, who is 8, has been on 13 cruises since the age of 2.  More than half of our cruises have been in the last 6 years even though we've been cruising since 1994 when I proposed to my wife.  We have found that cruising is the easiest and most relaxing type of vacation with a child.  We've don't land, all-inclusive, DisneyWorld, and Disneyland vacations, but we always come back to cruising because of the convenience of being able to see a lot of places very conveniently and the value that it provides.  I think you just might be surprised at how well you'll enjoy it.

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