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Found 4 results

  1. We are leaving on Thursday and supposed to be at cococay on Saturday. I see the winds are supposed to be 25-30mph , will they likely skip port for the day? Or will it still depend on waves and such? If they would skip it are they likely to take us to another port and refund funds for cococay? Sorry first time on RC ?
  2. Found a really useful site to get historical average weather conditions for a given month -- weatherspark.com. It covers every single place I'll be visiting on my Iceland & Greenland cruise, including the Prinz Christian Sund waterway that we'll be traveling through when we leave Qaqortoq. You can view the average data for an entire month, and it gives a ton of useful information -- high-low temperature range, hours of daylight (useful in the far north!), average rainfall chance and total over the month, average wind speed and direction (hugely useful in a place like Prinz Christian Sund, where we're standing on deck much of the day observing the scenery and need to dress warmly enough), average water temp (I remember @twangster's comment about how, absent any major land nearby, ambient air temp is driven by the water temp), and more. This just made planning our wardrobe and what layers to pack a lot easier! Figured I'd share since I know there are others here who've been trying to figure out what to pack for a cruise that changes climates, and visits variable climates, kind of quickly over a few days.
  3. Hi everyone, I have searched high and low and can't seem to get an answer. Has anyone taken the Anthem or similar from Cape Liberty to Orlando? Based on the distance, I am guessing it's travelling about 12 knots which is half what it's capable of. I just want to know how to pack. Where abouts is the ship on the second day midday and when does it start to get warmer? Also, are the outdoor pools and water slides open when in cold weather? I live in Canada (Vancouver) and in October, the Norwegian Bliss water slides were open in port even though it was cold (around 60-65ish)). I've been on many ships as my husband works as a port agent but we've only ever cruised on one other ship, and that's the Symphony of the Seas back in May, which had an endless array of things to see and do. we were never bored and actually didn't even want to leave the ship! We're anxiously hoping this cruise will be just as well. Anyone know the age range? Is it all older folks, or a good mix like the other modern ships tend to be? We're in our mid 30's and got the booze packages just in case we get bored. Crazy to fly to NYC just to sail south, but the flights were way cheaper than to Florida, and non-stop, and I mean, it's NY, which is fun any time of year, so thought we'd go for it! Any insight?
  4. We are thinking about an Alaska cruise and are interested in thoughts about the Ovation vs the Rhapsody. Which ship has more outdoor viewing areas? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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