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Found 7 results

  1. I am Indian passport holder with green card . Do I need to have any visa to visit Labadee , Haiti port ? Please confirm .
  2. Hi Has anyone done world cruises? Any suggestions when taking long cruises on same ship? What suggestions would they suggest I need to ask about? Thinking of segments of the Ultimate World Cruises 2024? Looking into longer cruises, with different destinations Thanks
  3. Hi We have booked Wonder of the Seas to Caribbean(Sint Marteen,St Thomas, cococay) for Nov 13th. It is a closed loop from Cape Canaveral. My mom who is citizen of India plans to travel with us and has a valid US re-entry visa and a Indian passport valid for duration of her stay. Only thing is the passport will expire in 2.5 months(February) which means it's not valid for 6 months after we travel. I read on Royal Caribbean's website that they strongly recommend passport to be valid for 6 months from the date of travel. Will this be a problem with Royal Caribbean/CBP? Will they stop her from getting on-board?
  4. Afternoon y'all! My family and I are sailing on Adventure OTS to Bermuda in July later this year. All of us except for my mom are American citizens. She's Filipino. We're concerned that she needs a visa to enter and it might not get approved in time, but also confused because she's a permanent resident here in the US. To add onto that confusion, the official government website for Bermuda does not provide any clear (layman's terms lol) definitions or state which countries are visa exempt. Would my mom's green card be a valid visa? Would she need to get a visa approved to enter Bermuda? It's been a while and we've never had to experience this kind of problem before. Thank you everyone!
  5. We are sailing aboard the Jewel of the Seas in June 2020, out of Copenhagen, on a 10 day cruise. We will have a 2 day stop at St. Petersburg Russia. We are booked for the 2 day excursion tour package. Some family and friends are quite nervous about our safety on this trip. A friend, who sailed there YEARS AGO, said it was terrific but - their tour bus travelled at extreme rates of speed for safety sake. 1) we'd appreciate knowing the honest truth about visiting St. Petersburg and if you felt safe doing so? 2) No visa necessary because taking the ship sponsored tour, right? 3) Do they take credit cards in St. Petersburg? 4)Jewel of the Seas input? Thank you!
  6. My wife and I have racked up some points on a Royal Caribbean credit card. We redeemed the points as on board credit a month ago but here it is 24 days to cruise and nothing has shown up on our Royal Caribbean account. My question is for those of you who may have redeemed these points in the past. In your experience, how long before the cruise was your on board credit applied? Drink package is on sale... 3 night specialty dining is on sale, I'm ready to buy with the credits I've earned, but .... nothing.
  7. Anyone have any insight into this year's cruise Sept 29th-Oct 6th? I understand that the royal Caribbean Signature visa card sponsors the special entertainment.
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