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Found 6 results

  1. So to keep my proof of vaccination card safe from being lost has anybody used their iPhone Apple Health App to show proof of vaccination? I live in Illinois and the Illinois Department of Public Health has made it easy to add it to the app as proof. It shows where it was administered, date it was administered, Lot Number and a few other details. Has anybody used this as an acceptable form of documentation?
  2. I will be sailing may 16th on Freedom. My boyfriend lost his vaccine card but has a picture of it as well as has the information loaded on the excelsior pass app (we live in nyc and use that every where as proof). Would RCL accept the picture and app on onboarding day? I’ve tried calling and cat get through to ask.
  3. Unvaccinated Americans to face tighter COVID testing requirements in new US travel system The U.S. will roll out a new travel system in two weeks that will open borders up for millions of vaccinated international visitors. The system launching Nov. 8 will end the U.S. travel ban that has been in place for dozens of countries since the start of the pandemic.It will also make reentry more challenging for unvaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents and establish stringent testing requirements for the rare unvaccinated foreign nationals allowed entry. "For anyone traveling to the United States who cannot demonstrate proof of full vaccination, they will have to produce documentation of a negative test within one day of departure," instead of the current three days, according to the White House. Fully vaccinated Americans will still have a three-day window for COVID-19 testing with negative results, but if they are not able to show proof of vaccination, they too will be subject to the one-day testing requirement.... Continue to the article for more information
  4. The majority of cruise ships Royal has announced to be sailing this summer, as of right now are saying that they require guests to be vaccinated. Does anyone have any idea how Royal Caribbean will verify you have been vaccinated?
  5. http://crew-center.com/royal-caribbean-group-will-require-crew-members-get-covid-19-vaccine Is it only a matter of time before guests have to do the same?
  6. I'm going on a western Caribbean cruise soon (Labadee, Falmouth, and Cozumel). I'm getting conflicting information regarding vaccinations and whether they are necessary. Up until recently the information I sourced said they weren't required because you spend short periods of time in each port. On the other hand, other sources give long lists of vaccines needed. Can anyone tell me of their experiences regarding this?
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