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Found 7 results

  1. We're just over two weeks away from our 7 night Southern Caribbean jaunt on Jewel leaving out of San Juan in early March. MsDig and I will be traveling with our daughter, son in law and 22 month old grandson (currently competently walking and venturing into running). We are in a Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony on deck 9 while they are just the other side of the elevators in a Standard Balcony with an additional Pullman and a pack n play (pnp) has been requested. Little Man currently sleeps in a regular crib and is fairly 'migratory' when he sleeps. The concern that has been voiced is that the pnp might be too confining for him. I called ahead and was told the mattress size in the pnp is just under 36" in length (about 24" wide) while he is a nominal 30" tall. Granted, no one sleeps fully stretched out but given his penchant for wandering in his crib while sleeping, we are concerned that he will be uncomfortably confined, at the minimum and worst case, will have a severe headache! He's tall enough now to climb out of his crib but it hasn't occurred to him yet to try it. I can't come up with a safe way to put a near 2 year old into the upper Pullman berth as he would surely tumble out at some point. I'm wondering if anyone has some insight and/or previous experiences that they or other parents may have had when kids are at the age when a pnp is a bit too confining. Thanks!
  2. We are sailing Symphony of the Seas on Dec 18 with my 2 year old and 6 month old (both unvaccinated) and are banking on babysitting/ Royal Babies/ Royal Tots/ nursery drop-off (not sure what the appropriate term is?) so my husband and I could have a breather and enjoy some alone time. Would this be available for me to use given the COVID protocols and young children are unvaccinated? Was it available for your sailing? If so and you used it, anything noteworthy you'd like to share? TIA!
  3. We’re looking at cruises for 2021 and are considering a cruise on Anthem of the Seas. My son will be 2 1/2 on the sailing we’re looking at and may or may not be fully potty trained yet. I was curious how the H20 zone on Anthem compares with the Splash Away Bay baby zone. Also does anyone know if they have a play place where you can go with your toddler and let them run around and play? If there are any other things that would be good with a toddler on a cruise I’d love to hear suggestions. Thanks!
  4. We will be cruising next May with our families on Harmony of the Seas. Our daughter will be the youngest at 2 and probably the only child with the rest as adults in their twenties or fifties. Our ports of call are Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Roatan as well as Perfect Day CocoCay. Excluding CocoCay, which, if any, of those ports would be best to just walk off the ship and eat and shop or go to a beach without an excursion? We do have some in our party with mobility issues, so a short walk would be preferable or we could do a taxi ride. If there's nothing in those ports that fit the bill for that, what excursions would you recommend for us that our 2 year old would enjoy and be able to do? Thanks for your help!
  5. I am considering booking a cruise for myself, my wife, and our 18 month old (at the time of the cruise). While I realize that cruising with a young child is different than without, what would a sea day look like in this scenario? Can anyone who has done this before give an idea what kind of activities you did with your toddler on a sea day or a rough timeline? Thanks!
  6. We are set to sail in September a week after my twins turn 3. The camp that is for 3 and up requires your child to be potty trained. I am hopeful my daughter will be ready but I have concerns about my son because he has development delays. Since he will only 3 yrs 1 week, do you think it is possible to have him go to the daycare with documentation from his dr or therapists? Any advice on the childcare for 3yo's would be appreciated, I have never traveled with children before and would like some adult time besides having a sitter in our cabin. Thanks
  7. We will be on Oasis of the Seas on September 10th with an almost 3 -year old. It's not our first time cruising with her (we did Liberty of the Seas last year) and she did great. This year though she's older, potty trained, and we will be driving from San Antonio to Orlando before the cruise. Any tips, tricks, and advice on how to keep her entertained, comfortable, etc would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck...any advice on how to handle my husband who hates being stuck in a car is also appreciated! LOL Any Oasis class specific tips are also greatly appreciated!
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