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Found 6 results

  1. Are they for 12-17 or 13-17? I've read conflicting stuff.
  2. I'm going on a cruise with my parents and I'm wondering how is the teen club in RCL? I've heard some bad things about it but that was a long time ago so I'm trying to gauge if it's good now. What's their tech like? Xbox Ones and 360's or do they have the new series X? Is there a soft area for VR (I exercise in VR). What's the vibe like?
  3. We have previously only sailed Disney because we were just used to it & once familiar so easy. I'm reaching out to fellow cruisers who have sailed both Disney & RC. Our daughter is 13 and of course grew up in the Oceaneers & Edge. Is there something comparable to the youth activities area's on the Harmony? Do we have to register ahead of time? We are simply bored at Disney right now & wanted to take the plunge on another line, we always heard RC spoken about on the Disney ships. Input on anything would be so appreciated, I want to relax but for me that means minimal surprises. As always thank you everyone in advance for your help.
  4. Please help me with any general information on the teen club on board. My son is 12 and quite shy at first. He is on the spectrum as well (Asperger’s). Is there any periodic supervision in these clubs? Sorry for the stupid question...Oh yeah, if anyone has a link to a teen compass, that would be extremely helpful and appreciated! Thank y’all so much!
  5. Hi There! So excited to be heading on Liberty of the Seas next week. I'm trying to find out about the shows that are currently happening on the ship. Does anyone know how to find out what we can expect on stage? Also a few random questions: my boys like ping pong. Should I pack our paddles and balls? Also, my son loves to hip hop dance. Is there a venue that has a DJ and dancing for all ages? Thanks so much and I really appreciate this helpful community!
  6. Some friends asked us to join them on a cruise in June of this year. Each family has two boys. The older boys are 14 and are just finishing 8th grade - about to start high school. The younger boys are finishing 6th grade and will be in 7th grade in the fall. One of the younger boys turned 12 in January and my son turns 12 in August. We called Royal Carribbean to ask if he will be allowed with his brother and two friends into the 12-14 year old club, but they told us they cannot give us an answer on the phone. Has anyone experienced this and can we get a waiver? We had this issue on Disney last year (their club is 11-14) and it was also June and they had not problem with it and let him in so he could be with his brother. We had no idea that RCI had an older age cutoff until after we accepted our friend's invitation to travel with them. Any insights are greatly appreciated because we are very concerned that if our son cannot go with his brother and two friends, that it will be a miserable experience for him and significantly impact everyone's cruise. Thank you in advance for any insights or help. Stephanie
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