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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! We are on our first cruise right now and I wanted to put this into the universe for future searchers. I read everything I could on here before the trip, so I thought it might help someone. There is no standalone Starbucks on Enchantment of the Seas, so when you go to Cafe Latte-tudes, you can get Starbucks drinks, including Frappuccinos, with your Refreshment Package.
  2. Could someone please confirm or deny if Star class has free/unlimited Starbucks on Oasis?
  3. Sneaking in under my hubby's name ? (he let me). Does anyone know what the non-dairy options are for coffee cream at Cafe Promenade or Starbucks on both Mariner and Navigator? I think there might be something like an almond milk, which is not the same as almond creamer. Can anyone shed any light on this? I love to enjoy a cup of coffee on vacation. I'll bring my own if I have to ?
  4. I have been on Enchantment twice and this will be my first time sailing on an Oasis-class ship. I will be on Oasis in Dec. 2018 and I have looked at the deck plans and i have looked at deck plans for all of the Oasis class ships, and i had noticed on the deck plans for each of the Oasis-class ships that there is a Starbucks onboard each of the oasis class ships, and would like to know if i could use my starbucks card at the onboard starbucks. Does the starbucks onboard the oasis class ships have the same coffee choices onboard as on land? I am enrolled in the starbucks star rewards program and i would like to know if i am able to use my starbucks card onboard the ship if i can also redeem any free rewards that i have earned? Also, can i use the starbuck app on my iphone to pay for coffee at starbucks if i have purchased the internet package and will also inform my cellular provider that i will be travelling and would like the international travel plan added to my cell phone account?
  5. Hello all, Just came back from a 7 night Bahamas cruise leaving from NJ. Wanted to let all you guys know that the Starbucks on Adventure of the seas was included in the deluxe package (My boyfriend had the deluxe package) and even in the refreshment package (I had the refreshment package). We enjoyed many coffees at no extra charge other then the packages we had ordered before cruise. I Think I read somewhere that Starbucks was not included even with packages so I though to share my experience, and we went May 11 to May 18 2018 and it was included in the drink packages. On another note this was my first RC cruise with my boyfriend (we both have done other cruise seperate on other cruise lines) and we loved it. Not only was it our first cruise together, when we got back we decided to book 9 night May 2019 cruise leaving from NJ again. We are so excited to see Athem of the seas ship for the first time in 2019. Happy cruising.
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