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Found 8 results

  1. I have never been on a cruise before and my itinerary is HotS in 1 year with stops at Cococay, Nassau and Cozumel. So far I'm not interested in the cruise lines excursions and want to do walk off. I'm unsure if I will be able to use my phone map. So will a map of the port be provided or can I ask the state room attendant or should I print one ahead of time?
  2. I am booked to go on the Independence of the Seas in December and it’s a 5 day cruise that was supposed to have a stop in Nassau and another stop in Coco Cay but they removed the Nassau stop and we didn’t purchase a 5 day cruise for just 1 stop. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if Royal Caribbean offered anything for the inconvenience.
  3. One of my favorite activities leading up to a cruise has always been watching the webcams, like https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/. I enjoy watching the ships ? come in and seeing all the traffic at the port as passengers debark and the new ones arrive to board. Watching the ships sail out of port with people waving and holding up signs and displaying their tropical drinks ? always helps pump up my excitement. I think my family tires of it, though, as I tend to start six months or more before the cruise. ? These days watching the ships leaving with no passengers on balconies, no music drifting in from the upper decks, no sign of life, really, is heartbreaking. I'm glad we're finally seeing a bright spot in the future for sailing and I'm very much looking forward to our Southern Caribbean cruise in October.
  4. Correct me if I am wrong but when getting on and off the ship at ports you need a photo ID as well as your sea pass. Does that go for young children as well? My daughters only ID with a photo is her passport ( and she was 6 months old so doesnt even look close to the same). I dont like taking passports on or off the ship because so many things can happen! Want them to stay in the safe! But we have drivers licenses that we can use and she only has the passport. Will that be a problem? Thx!
  5. My husband and I are going on Navigator May 13th - 17th. We currently have a credit card to settle our onboard account, but we do want to bring cash for the ports. We already paid for the drink packages and for the excursions. How much cash would you bring for shopping?
  6. We are on the Allure of the Seas Eastern Caribbean cruise in September and the Cruise planner is full of excursions. But we would like to just do a little local sightseeing and shopping and beach fun on our own in the ports St. Maarten, San Juan? Do we really need to book Excursions? Labadee is of course a Royal Caribbean property so I am not too worried about that and will just enjoy the beaches. Looking forward to some advice from the experts. Thanks so much.
  7. Been looking for fun Cruise to book for next year at the end of March, or first thing in April. Was wondering if anyone else has a March 31st or April 1st Sail Date for 2018 yet? We have been disappointed to find so many of the cruises have 3 days listed as "AT SEA." Would rather have an extra Port in there, than have more than two days at Sea. Any good suggestions? Have specific dates we have to sail out. 03/31/18 or 04/01/18. Thanks for any suggestions from all you savy cruisers out there!!!
  8. For me I think it has to be Southampton for three reasons. First is and a huge bonus for me is that I can take as much luggage as I want because I don't have to go to an airport. Next is parking , i find it reasonably priced and the car parks are very close to the ships. Finally I love the view as you leave the motorway and approach the docks. You go over two flyovers and as you are high up you can see all the ships lined up it's awesome.
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