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Found 9 results

  1. How did you guys go about getting the $300 from Royal or contact executives? I noticed others mentioning this when they have had lost luggage. I am super frustrated. We disembarked on Friday, Oct 28, 2022 from Freedom of the seas and my luggage was deemed “lost”. The customer service phone number says I have to wait 7-10 business days to see if my luggage “shows up”. The thing is… I had my luggage. I was right by the exit of the port and took my hand off of it to put my birth certificate in my backpack and stepped out the door. My bag was right in my sight and I wasn’t allowed to grab it since it was in the building and I was out of it. It was then deemed “suspicious” until the cruise disembarked entirely and the bag was searched which was like 4 hours later and we had a flight to catch. The port agent took my information so that they could ship the bag to me after (at my expense) but I haven’t heard a thing. Every time we try to contact Royal they have no record of it and say to just wait 7-10 business days to see if it “shows up”. It was right there. It was never lost!!! All the phone calls are like 45 min waits and zero help. The person that took my information obviously failed to follow through.
  2. We're taking a 4-day Bahamas cruise & plan to stay on the ship except for Coco Cay. It's almost 12 yrs since we last sailed RC. What's closed during port days & what's open as far as dining & activities?
  3. We are booked to Sail the Liberty of the seas out of Galveston in Feb 2022, We are C&A diamond members and Huge RCL fans. This will HOPEFULLY be our kids FIRST cruise ever, with the Whole Family, 20 of us are booked to cruising together. We have just been told we will not be able to take our unvaccinated 1 & 2 years olds to port with us , UNLESS its with an RCL excursions.!?!? WHAT'S THE POINT OF GOING ON A FAMILY Holiday!?! We were told that if we didn't want to book an RCL excursion our kids need to stay on board. IF us adults still wanted go to port, we could leave our kids with the kids club for the day...I thought she was joking at first, Our children CAN'T be vaccinated anywhere in the WORLD.... We don't want or need to do an RCL excursion.. we have been to these ports before and just want to chill and do our own thing. Needles to say, i will be calling head office to see if this is for real... or our party of 20 will be canceling our much needed and anticipated family Holiday. I feel so heart broken and betrayed by this Bull shit policy and desparte money grab from our favorite cruise line. We can't be the only family dealing with this policy....?
  4. I'm going on Symphony of the seas in March 2022. I looked at the port schedule for CocoCay and it looks like the day I'm visiting (March 18, 2022), both Symphony and Mariner are docking. How crowded would that be with 2 ships, especially the waterpark? I know Royal frequently docks 2 voyager class ships (ex. Navigator and Mariner), but I don't know about an Oasis class + Mariner.
  5. CoCo Beach Club: Floating Cabanas This June we (my group) are looking forward to an Oasis OTS cruise that takes a stop at CoCo Cay!!! Everyone is looking forward to it, but I was wondering what your guys' opinions on the floating cabanas were. We would split the price between everyone, and we would probably have some people relaxing there most of the time we are at the Cay. Just wanting your experiences, opinions, and recommendations! Thanks! P.S. If they're worth it, Can you reserve them? [(We have the royal Genie)(We would be fine with having other party members pay us back.)] If so, which are best, closer to land or further out? (I thought the one on the far right looked best in my opinion.) Lastly, do they rock a lot, my dad gets seasick?.
  6. Help I’m new to cruising & need some advice. Do we need our passports when we get off the ship in Bermuda or will a photocopy be okay? Thans for any help you can provide.
  7. I am going on TA cruise to Miami, and am not flying home but going to family in Miami after the cruise for a couple of weeks, family members have requested food items bought over to them from the Uk, things like, tea bags, chocolate, crackers, popadums, crisps, all new in their original packets, so am I able to take these in a case and store them in my cabin until I get to Miami or will they be confiscated either on the ship or at port, they will be in a suitcase.
  8. Hello. We are cruising out the port of Miami in April, and will be flying into Miami International Airport the night before our Cruise leaves. Where is a good place to stay overnight before cruising out the next afternoon? Are there any affordable places that still offer "free port shuttle?" We are Best Western Members, and usually use them, but before we book anything, I thought I might ask the pros on this Forum who cruise a lot more often than we do. :-) Doesn't need to be a fancy place since we're arriving at Midnight. Just want FREE shuttle to the Port, or affordable shuttle as well. Thanks Everybody~
  9. Hi all! I think I've posted on here before, but I am back as we get closer to our cruise date (Feb 3rd). My wife and I are going on the Majesty of the Sea. We stop at Nassau on Saturday and Cocokay on Sunday. This is the first time we've ever been on a cruise so really no idea what to expect. I do have a few questions though.... With the drink packages I saw something that said that 18% gratuity is automatically added at the bar. I have the drink package where I can basically get anything. Would the 18% be on top of that or is it automatically in the with package? Specialty coffees are not included from what I read. How much does a latte or something similar cost? We have a shore excursion at Nassau (snorkling). Do you think the directions to get to where we need to go for the shore excursion are pretty clear? Once we are off the boat, how easy is it to get a meal and is that a part of the ships complimentary food? How long does it take to get off and get back on the ship? How are the mosquitoes this time of year (zika virus concerns)? We will be sailing during the superbowl. I normally am not too concerned, but I have a few bets placed this year. The superbowl is supposed to start during our my time dinning. Do they have TVs in the room to check the score every so often? Thanks for all the help! N00BCruiser
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