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Found 3 results

  1. When will I be able to book restaurants on the July cruise?
  2. Yes as the title says ... I'm sailing on Wonder on Nov, 27 (after a week now) and RC is playing with their planner website for black Friday deals, resulting in having a brand new planner website in addition to the regular normal one. Planner 1 (the regular): can be accessed by going to Royal Caribbean's website, press on top left menu icon, choose sign in ... after signing in, press on the same menu icon again and choose: Manage My Cruise option and then choose Cruise Planner sub-option, the final url is : https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/cruiseplanner/?bypass=true I can see my full order history with my purchases. Planner 2 (the new one): can be accessed by going to Royal Caribbean's website, sign in, press on the top right button that has my initials, then choose my cruise and press on Plan my cruise button, the final url is: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/account/cruise-planner?bookingId=xxxx&shipCode=WN&sailDate=20221127 [where xxxx is my booking id] when I open my order history in the new planner, it shows this message: You don’t have any orders yet After checkout is complete, your purchases will be listed here and when checking the deals on the new planner I found out that it has completely different prices than the ones in Planner 1 (much cheaper). However, the mobile app shows my past purchases normally. Did anyone face such weird thing ? I'm asking because I want to cancel my orders and purchase new ones as they are much cheaper.
  3. We are sailing on 11/19 on the Liberty out of Galveston and I have been attempting to schedule salon service for one of the formal nights, but it has not shown up in my cruise planner as an option. Men's services are in there, but nothing for women. Is this because they are booked up or maybe booking before departure isn't an option? I am planning on going to to the salon on embarkation day to see if I can book an appointment, but wanted to get it scheduled/paid for ahead of time.
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