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Found 8 results

  1. Just booked! . . . Need help determining the best method of transportation from MIA airport to the cruise terminal. Should we just use Uber? Cruise shuttle? What about transportation from the terminal to a hotel afterwards? Open to suggestions. There will be four adults. Happy sailing!
  2. We are going on our first RCCL cruise in May and I have had trouble finding the answer to a question. At beaches like Chill Island, are there servers that come around to the beach chairs to get drink orders? We experienced this on. DCL cruise and while getting up and walking a short distance isn’t the end of the world, adding that extra level of laziness was very appealing. We’re trying to decide if the Beach Club is worth it and if that’s the only place they deliver drinks, it may well push us over the edge with our decision. Thanks all! jason
  3. This will be our 3rd time on MOTS, but our first time in Jamaica or Labadee. 20 Days to go!!!!
  4. Hi All! I have rented a daybed in Cococay's south bech. I wanted to know if these beds are assigned randomly or can I ask for a front row bed? My cruise is at the end of august. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone! I have been reading all the blogs on here for a while so I figured it was my turn to give one back for everyone to read! We were originally booked on Harmony in the Villa Suite, but the ship was changed to Wonder (which IS exciting). Only problem was that there is no Villa Suite on Wonder so we were moved into the Ultimate Family Suite. I am SUPER excited as this will be our first time in Star Class, but there is a lot of uncertainty for me around this suite. The layout of it onboard wonder is unknown (to me at least) and since we were expecting to have 4 bedrooms and bathrooms, we will need to do a little bit of rearranging where people will sleep. I am looking forward to everyone following along and excited of course for another cruise!
  6. Does anyone know if you can use a ship rented wetsuit on the water slides at Perfect Day at Coco Cay?
  7. CoCo Beach Club: Floating Cabanas This June we (my group) are looking forward to an Oasis OTS cruise that takes a stop at CoCo Cay!!! Everyone is looking forward to it, but I was wondering what your guys' opinions on the floating cabanas were. We would split the price between everyone, and we would probably have some people relaxing there most of the time we are at the Cay. Just wanting your experiences, opinions, and recommendations! Thanks! P.S. If they're worth it, Can you reserve them? [(We have the royal Genie)(We would be fine with having other party members pay us back.)] If so, which are best, closer to land or further out? (I thought the one on the far right looked best in my opinion.) Lastly, do they rock a lot, my dad gets seasick?.
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