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Found 8 results

  1. Were the TVs on Oasis of the Seas updated to allow us to access our Netflix or other steaming services? I know the ship was refurbished in 2019, but didn't know those got updated like they have on the newer ships.
  2. 728 days, and three cancelled cruises and we are finally getting back to sea! I feel like I have been waiting so long to start this blog I now feel like this lady...... We are headed back to sea sailing on Oasis of the Seas in a 2BRATS. This will be our first star class experience, so to say that we are excited is a massive understatement. Behind all that excitement is that looming fear that one of us tests positive just before we leave. Thankfully though with numbers in our area plummeting, that fear is getting less and less. Originally I would have started this blog a long time ago, and probably have gladly taken the "earliest blog crown" but like @Lovetocruise2002 said in her last blog, I'd hate to start this and then, poof never mind! All of us in our travel group are still wearing masks even though the mandate has been dropped. We want to do everything as possible to make sure that we don't test positive prior to this cruise. Being that my wife Heather and I work in health care, we REALLY need this vacation! Okay, enough doom and gloom, let's get into the fun stuff. Who's sailing: Me, obviously...The wife, Heather, Daughter Lydia 12, Son Johnathan 8 and my sister Julie. Stateroom: We have the deck 9 2BRATS. We booked this cruise the day the itineraries were released. With two kids in school this one coincided with their winter break, and we are basically stuck with this week. Had COVID not struck, this actually would have been our second time in this room. We had this same cruise, eastern itinerary, booked for 2021, and we all know what happened there. Itinerary: This is a Western Caribbean and perfect day that leaves out of Miami. Day 1: Miami Day 2: Perfect Day at Coco Cay Day 3: At Sea Day 4: Cozumel Day 5: Roatan Day 6: Costa Maya Day 7: At Sea Day 8: Worst day ever We are excited about this itinerary. This will be our first time back to Perfect Day with the beach club open, and the kids are old/tall enough to fully use the thrill water park. We had such a blast at Roatan the last cruise we are on, so we are excited to go there again....okay...okay...its really because of the sloths....but I digress. We have not been to Costa Maya yet, so this will be a new one for us. More to come. I'll try to break up these first bunch of posts to make this easy to read.
  3. Not sure if anyone is currently on the April 7-10 sailing on Oasis of the Seas, but I left an item behind while disembarking the morning of April 7. I know exactly where it is and told guest services once I realized after getting off of the ship, but no one was able to assist me in retrieving it. I was told I had to submit a claim online. I just want to pass the message on to a member of staff so they can retrieve it for lost and found because it is in a strange spot. I’d greatly appreciate if someone could just communicate my information to a member of staff - would take maybe 5 minutes! Silly mistake on my part, just frustrating I wasn’t able to get someone on the ship to retrieve it for lost and found prior to new guests arriving on the ship
  4. What is your favorite spots that are unique to Oasis Class ships? (Oasis specifically). I love Izumi, we will defiantly take advantage of that. not sure how to narrow down the choices otherwise. We are on the Feb 27th sailing.
  5. I am both excited and terrified to begin my first live Blog here of my first ever Star Class sailing and also….our wedding! I can only hope it is HALF as good as the amazing bloggers I read religiously here! 48 DAYS! Here we go! The Story- My husband and I (I will explain!) booked this cruise for our wedding 2 YEARS ago during a Black Friday sale at an amazing price! We both LOVE cruising…so much so that we have a YouTube channel called BoosCruize so it seemed natural that we would choose to tie the knot in a small ceremony on the high seas! So after much research we decided on the Star Loft Suite 1720 on Oasis Of The Seas! This suite had a HUGE rectangular balcony that could fit guests and also give us the ocean view we wanted….and a Genie to help us pull it all off! What could go wrong?!? Enter…COVID As you can imagine we basically needed a new pair of britches every other day for the last two years as things changed. It’s a good thing I buzz cut my head or I’d probably be bald and NOT by choice LOL A year later we weren’t even sure if this cruise would happen but we also KNEW we wanted to be married. So when a company came to us and asked to throw us a huge West Coast “David Tutera” style wedding in Hollywood that will be published for magazines we obviously said YES! We now have two bi-coastal weddings Lol It was amazingly gorgeous but nothing was our choice. It was all chosen for us….right down to our tuxes. We feel BEYOND blessed but it also wasn’t what we had in our head two years ago. So now here we are….our guest list of 50 has gone down to 12 due to covid complications. Are we upset? HECK NO! We completely understand and are going to have the time of our LIVES on a gorgeous ship surrounded by people who love us! We can’t wait! Who: We are an LA couple. Jarell is an international Flight attendant (yaasss benefits!) and I am an actor who just moved from NYC in time for a pandemic to close Hollywood Where: We are sailing on the Oasis Of The Seas out of Miami in the Star Loft Suite 1720 with stops at Coco Cay, St.Thomas, and St. Maarten When: We sail November 7th-14th, 2021 I think that covers most of the back story and introductions! So happy to meet you all and take you along with us on this very special journey that is over 2 years in the making! Can’t wait to see who our Genie will be! For good measure I have included a photo of the happy grooms from our West Coast Wedding!
  6. Thought I’d show you all the pictures I got from Cape Liberty, New Jersey of Oasis finally in port. I’m aboard her on September 5th and I was amazing how massive she actually is!
  7. Which shows are on the Oasis OTS? I'm talking every venue, comedy club, main theater, aquatheater, etc. I've gotten mixed results from different websites, but I trust you guys.
  8. CoCo Beach Club: Floating Cabanas This June we (my group) are looking forward to an Oasis OTS cruise that takes a stop at CoCo Cay!!! Everyone is looking forward to it, but I was wondering what your guys' opinions on the floating cabanas were. We would split the price between everyone, and we would probably have some people relaxing there most of the time we are at the Cay. Just wanting your experiences, opinions, and recommendations! Thanks! P.S. If they're worth it, Can you reserve them? [(We have the royal Genie)(We would be fine with having other party members pay us back.)] If so, which are best, closer to land or further out? (I thought the one on the far right looked best in my opinion.) Lastly, do they rock a lot, my dad gets seasick?.
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