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Found 5 results

  1. Royal Caribbean has a total lack of empathy towards customers that have been impacted by Hurricane Irma that have already paid for trips. I reside in South Florida and my home was heavily damaged in the storm. I called Royal Caribbean to see if I could reschedule our trip or even transfer the tickets to someone else to go in our place. I was advised that I could not and the only option was to cancel, but if I cancel we would loose all of our money. I was hurt and angry that Royal Caribbean did not have any contingency plan in place for hurricane victims like myself that ha
  2. Hi all! Brand new to the forum, and a junior cruiser. (Will reach Platinum (30 days) this coming cruise) On the 29th of October, I'll embark my 3rd ever cruise. Two of them with the Allure, and this time, with the Independence. This will be a 15 night transatlantic cruise (my 2nd) departing from Southampton, England, arriving in Fort Lauderdale. I have a couple of questions that my travel agent could not answer for me, so I hope that some of you can help! 1. The Connoisseur Club: is it still operational? Can I trust that they sell cigars, or should I bring my own? 2. H
  3. I know that there was a way to donate via the RC website, but when I looked last night, I couldn't find anywhere to do so. When I first open the home page, I see a link for a millisecond, and then it's gone. Is it too late to donate via RC? I'll hang up and listen
  4. Sailing on the Allure this Sunday out of Ft Lauderdale allegedly to the Eastern Carribean. Should we be considered?
  5. Good morning. Our present itinerary for the Anthem on 4 NOV has us making Port Canaveral, Nassau, and Coco Cay during the 8 day cruise. My question is whether it's possible that due to damage the cruise line will seek to change our itinerary (Bermuda perhaps) or take other action in the event of significant damage at some/all of the ports of call. Looking at the damage to St. Marten now, I would be saying to myself that there is no way they would have the island "back to normal" to the point where in early Nov. they could start to accommodate guests again- there's simply too much damage, but
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